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Project Description

PHP MySQL Web Site Template Creator helps you create a basic template for your web site using a UI form. It creates all PHP, CSS, HTML basic pages to connect to MySQL database with a basic template.

I used to create by hand, manually MySQL database then PHP pages to connect to and then web page to view including CSS page.

After several times, I wonder why not create an application that creates a web site for me and then modifying them accordingly and save them as a template thus this project.

I've searched the web and found free css templates, free PHP scripts but no free web site template thus this project.

Some people don't speak PHP fluently but want a simple web site to add, delete, change and view data. They don't want to spend hundred or thousand of dollars for a personal web site.

How about having a graphic interface to create database structure and having a program that creates all CSS, PHP web pages for you ?

You like it ?


Now how about saving, sharing your project and changing a bit later on and recreate PHP pages all this with a graphic interface?

This project has been written with Visual Studio 2010

This project will use my other project : HTML Document Creator

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